Shopify KaboomskiBehold the Power of Shopify! Hi, my name’s Abraham LaBonte and this is the Shopify Bible.

We’re piling together infinite supplies of Online Sales Resources, Apps, SEO and eCommerce Insights for Shopify Entrepreneurs.


Behold The Power Of Shopify!

We’ve dedicated this entire site to Shopify because we believe Shopify will empower more small business owners than anything in history. These eCommerce resources are designed to take our entrepreneurial abilities through the roof! This is a virtual bible, and if you subscribe and join the community, it signifies you’re an entrepreneur ready to make more money online with your Shopify store and boost your eCommerce abilities.

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Shopify Bible Created by Kaboomski Founder

Abraham Legal Shielf FriendsDeveloped by the Founder of Kaboomski.net Abraham began writing the “Shopify Bible” to help educate ecommerce professionals and entrepreneurs in the deepest fields of Shopify. The idea is to assist people with any type of business to expand in their particular field using the best sales platform in history. From the realm of artists and musicians to full scale ecom gurus and niche sales to pioneers we’ve got your Shopify resources covered.