How To Build an eCommerce Store in Under 6 Hourts?!

Bernie Shirts eCommerce DesignLast night I shared the idea to make an anti-trump store with a good friend of mine. He was quite interested in a partnership, and I couldn’t afford the time for an entire new store on my own, with Kaboomski and web clients, but the store model seemed brilliant so the dreams unfurled.

Fortunately my homie agreed to partner, which was a huge relief for long term sustainability of this new shirt company, and together we stand a better chance to support our dear friend. So last night I put the basic store together for us and it took me less than 6 hours to have magnificent results…

Can you feel the bern?

A little late you say? Better late than never guys!

Check out the Bernie Shirts Website for yourself. Support democracy in America, and have some laugh’s for Trump.

Shopify eCommerce Store Launch — Took Less Than 6 Hours!

Bernie Shirts eCommerce DEsign

For launch Bernie Shirts 49 products, and several additional content pages. In total a 55 page website was created in 6 hours. My friend’s girlfriend said to Tim “how did you do that?”… You got the Web Design Leader on your team bro!


Be sure to watch the video resources on our site and over at shopify, to learn more. Stay tuned to learn more Shopify eCommerce insights and get free resources.

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TRUMP Toilet Paper
TRUMP Toilet Paper

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Bernie Shirts Store Launches For The Holidays

Bernie Shirts – New eCommerce



The #1 shirt company for pro bernie and anti trump fans of all shapes and sizes!

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